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Hurricane Impact Windows MiamiHurricane Management Group, doing business in Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida, provides tropical storm and hurricane impact windows. We do the installation and servicing of hurricane resistant impact windows and doors. Hurricane resistant impact windows protect your business, home or condo from hurricanes and other severe storms. We offer both aluminum and vinyl frame impact windows. When struck by flying debris during a storm, impact windows are designed to stay in one piece. Also, hurricane resistant impact windows provide 99% blockage of ultraviolet (UV) light.

What is Impact Glass

Impact glass is also called monolithic or laminated glass. What impact glass offers is increased strength and rigidity after breakage from impact compared to your standard window or even tempered or heat strengthened glass. This glass is comprised of two pieces of heat strengthened glass with a thin plastic inner layer mounted in a super strong frame much like your windshield is made in your car only much thicker and much stronger. Insulated impact glass is actually three pieces of glass in a single frame. It has the standard two pieces of glass filled with a plastic inner layer but it also has about a 1/4″-1/2″ void between it and a third piece of heat strengthened glass that is usually filled with Argon Gas.

Impact Glass Low E Impact Sideview
Standard Impact Glass              Insulated Impact Glass

Impact Glass Provides:
– Storm protection
– 24/7 security Noise reduction
– Climate control
– Energy efficiency

Miami FL Building and General Contractor Construction Services

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Miami or Hurricane Management Group provides more than impact window installation. HMG provides a variety of hurricane wind and storm damage prevention construction services from low rise residential homes and condos to high-rise commercial or office buildings in Miami and throughout South Florida, including:
- Miami FL High Impact Windows and Doors, Skylights
- Miami FL Accordion Shutters
- Miami FL Storm Panels
- Miami FL Roll Away Shutters
- Miami FL Garage Door Installation
- Miami FL FEMA Flood Barriers and Panels
- Miami FL Rolling Screen Doors
- Miami FL Custom Window Blinds and Shades
- Wholesale, Import, Export
- Miami FL Home Improvement Remodeling General Contractor

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